Sunday, October 10, 2004

Maybe we do make choices...

I saw a movie called "What The Bleep" tonight and now im not so sure I believe my last post. maybe the reason I can't put my finger on what it feels like to make a choice is because im doing it all the time, so I know nothing to contrast it to. maybe I am always making choices about what to experience. The movie talks about how in quantum physics, when you haven't experienced something it exists in all possible states at once, and that only once its experienced is the choice made about what the state is. So when I look at something maybe im making a choice about what it is all the time. This fits in with something I thought of earlier. About free will I wrote, "Mabye the illusion of choice comes from knowing exactly what 'choice' one is going to make." My original idea was that totally intimate knowledge of the state of something led to the feeling of making choices about it. But in the same way it could be said that making choices about something leads to the totally intimate knowledge of that thing. It can then be said that we design our own realities. Now maybe these two seemingly oppisite ideas, the one expressed in my last post and the one in this one, are really the same idea expressed differently. Essencially, there is no such thing as choice because everything is choice.


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Blogger MichelleGNLC52 said...

I put this blog into my favorites list. Fascinating subject.
I am a stage three kidney cancer patient who is blogging as well.
Thank you.

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