Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Some shit I wrote

I wrote this the other night. Its not meant to be poetry. Just some thoughts I wrote down:

self consciousness
bennifical or not bennificial advantagious or disadvantagious
control our beheavior
like god

the places where learning becomes learning are where things are taught
there you see, the meaning is in the message

You see a joke instantly in one sounded laugh

I think I intended the three paragraphs to be seperate, and I only saved them in one text file. The first one was a thought about how, since we can differenciate things between what we "like" and what we don't "like." Since we see things as advantagious or disadvantagious, this makes us like god, as a zombie (in the philisophical sense) would not have these feeelings. We control our behavior insofar as we have opinions about how we want things to be, and this opinion usually matches our action. The second paragraph I believe to be a statement on the method of teaching Zen Buddhism, that is, by reading conversations, or mondo. When we read a conversation between a master and a student, we are reading of learning taking place, and we learn from how that learning occurs. It is not the content that matters. I think on the second line I meant to quote Marshall Macluan, but instead wrote "the meaning is in the message" thinking of the word message more like envolope. The whole point of the thing is that there is no point. There is no actual content in the mondo outside of its structure. In the last line, I was just thinking of how the understanding of a joke does not take place over time, but all at once. This seems remarkable to me.