Friday, November 05, 2004

Paranoia while listening to Terry Riley

I was listening to a Terry Riley recording called Across the Lake of the Ancient Word. Now Terry Riley is an amazing minimalist composer and keyboardist who incorporate the music theory of the great sitar players of India into his music, but they sound nothing alike. He just has a way of expanding your consciousness like great sitar does. So I was listening to this recording with big headphones on, and I was listening really loudly. This is pretty soft music normally so this was a different experience. I was on my bed, staring up at the ceiling listening to this music and I started getting really paranoid. I'm not really sure about what, maybe that somebody would walk in the door but I don't know why I would be worried about that, I wasn't on any drugs of any kind. I was just generally really freaked out. It was like I was overloaded by the music, because it was so loud and I was so engulfed by it because of the headphones. It had a feeling like the paranoia that comes from weed sometimes. I had to stop listening because it was so scary.


Blogger 9 said...

Yes, I feel this way right now listening to him and I am not stoned. I feel like minimalist composition has a way of inducing the void, and agitating it with repetitive melody.

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